Keeper League, After Week 2

Week 2 saw me follow-up a 6-5-1 start with a 6-6 week. It should have been 7-5; I was up in all pitching categories going into Sunday, with my opponent having no pitchers going. I benched my two starters (Corey Kluber and Tyson Ross), because we both had K/9 ratios over 11 and close enough that a good start with a K/9 around 9 would drop me below my opponent – the odds were on that number going down. Anyway, I left my relievers active – all three closers had pitched the last three days, and my two set-up men were gambles.

Turned out, as it would happen, both my opponent and I had one of our setup men pitch an inning yesterday. Mine – Gregerson – struck out no one in one inning. His guy ended up with a 13.50. The end result? I finished the week with a K/9 of 11.054 and he finished with a 11.055. Bah.

Otherwise, I really can’t complain. The lineup is performing well.

My Week 3 roster is:
C – Buster Posey
1B – Prince Fielder
2B – Dustin Pedrioa
3B – Pedro Alvarez
SS – Everth Cabrera
1B/3B – Chris Davis
2B/SS – Emilio Bonifacio
OF x5 – Starling Marte / Austin Jackson / Nori Aoki / Khris Davis / Carl Crawford
UTIL – Dustin Ackley
BENCH – Alex Guerrero

SP x6 – David Price / Shelby Miller / Corey Kluber / Zack Wheeler / Tyson Ross / Alex Wood
RP x3 (closers) – Craig Kimbrel / Ernesto Frieri / Francisco Rodriguez
P x2 (closer/setup) – Sergio Santos / Luke Gregerson
DL x2 – Matt Harvey / Aroldis Chapman

Hey, same roster as last week. I “moved” Bonifacio into my 2B/SS spot and Ackley into my UTIL… at this point, Bonifacio’s speed and leadoff slot make him more valuable a commodity to me than Ackley, if I have to make a choice. I don’t dislike Ackley, though. I just realize that his skillset isn’t specialized enough to keep around if someone else gets hot. Given that I’m bursting with speed (I lead the league in SBs) without either Marte or E-Cab getting on a roll yet, I can probably ditch Bonifacio down the road – but I’d rather keep him around, continue to dominate the speed role, and drop Ackley if I can find a better power option down the road. I’m still lacking in the power category (2nd-fewest HRs), but I’m not going to worry about that yet, since neither Davis or Fielder have hit a jack yet. Once they get rolling, it’ll come around. But there’s no lie – I could use another middle-of-the-order bat. And warmer weather.

I actually almost got Avisail Garcia this week. When he busted his shoulder, his owner dropped him – I jumped on him, not waiting for the MRI results. I liked Garcia a lot going into this season, and dropped Corey Kluber to pick him up in the keeper-friendly E19 (19th round, E-tier keeper). Of course, then the MRI came back, so I just picked up Kluber again in that spot. Had I kept Garcia, I would have ended up dropping Ackley to re-obtain Kluber, whose keeper value I still like.

On that note, pitching had a good week. Only Wheeler struggled, and 4 earned runs isn’t something that puts the panic into me. More than anything, I was really glad to see Kluber put in two good starts, as well as Alex Wood’s great start. Shelby Miller is still struggling some, but hopefully he gets over it. I’ll feel better once I can pick up my 7th starting pitcher, but with the way the Dodgers are looking, I doubt Guerrero will get his call-up until June sometime.

As it stands, there’s nothing to really do with the lineup until either some waiver wire players goes on enough of a tear to get me to drop Ackley. Otherwise, I’m just hoping to see a power surge from Fielder and Davis soon; I’m realizing that I paid too much attention to stolen bases this year and not enough to power, although that was largely because I didn’t want to reach for power knowing that I had Fielder/Davis/Alvarez. And frankly, being short on power from my studs in April isn’t something to worry overly about. But still. It’d be nice to see Fielder and Davis show me something soon.


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